7 Top Tips for….. Handling change


Understand the cost to you of not making change. Write down what rewards you’ll get by making changes in your life - your health, your relationships, your work.


Develop some positive habits - ideally something you can build into your daily routine. How will you measure your progress?


What skills do you already have that could help you handle this change? Understand where you might struggle and put in place a plan in advance to overcome that.


Who do you have around you that you can ask to help you make the change? Who might be unhelpful - plan ahead how you’re going to deal with that when it happens.


Describe vividly what you want your future to look like so that you can feel how good it will be when you achieve it. Get excited about that feeling.


Set up your environment for success. What distractions are there that you can remove/avoid? What positive influences can you put in place to keep you focused?


We’re more motivated to keep a promise to someone else than we are to ourselves, so who is that one person that you want to make change for that will keep you driven on tough days?

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