10% Percent Happier by Dan Harris

Dan’s book is for anyone who thinks that meditation is a bit too ‘woo woo’ for them.

That’s exactly what Harris thought too. He shares these views, as well as the path he took to changing his mind, with complete honesty - and a laugh-out-loud dollop of humour.

Harris was a journalist and high-profile news anchor in the USA when he experienced a panic attack live on air; he encourages his readers to watch the clip on YouTube.

In ’10% Happier’, he tells warts-and-all how his early career of reporting on the front lines of war zones led him to a life seeking adrenalin highs and reliant upon drug misuse.

When it all spectacularly caught up with him, he knew that he had to make some changes. As fate would have it, his career had led him to report on more spiritual stories across the States, something for which he declares a certain level of derision initially.

Yet he began to concede that he couldn’t ignore that there was something in meditation that he needed to get his life back in balance. The results of his perseverance - which is what it took - amazed him and Harris backs up his own, new-found belief in the practice with emerging scientific research about its positive impact on both mental and physical health. So much so that there is a ’10% Happier’ App with guided meditations. Harris has also made a point of talking publicly about his own practice in a media world where, when he began doing so, it was considered ill-advised/career-ending to do so.

Harris’ book will resonate with you if you have any scepticism about the benefits of meditation and want the comfort of hearing from someone who grappled to embrace it.

Written By Carolyn Hobdey - COO of 15ten15 Group

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