Our Story

15ten15 – The concept was created on the 15th October 2015!! That’s where the 15ten15 come from, just in case you were wondering.  It came in a moment where our Founder Cliff Sewell had a moment, running a business and Living a life that was fundamentally broken and negative.

From that moment Cliff has studying and worked with a team in building a business with real value to the people who work in it, supply it and obviously those who benefits from the services it offers.


Recruitment needed changing from the immediate and negative approach the industry is built on, we have done that by shifting our focus to the wellbeing and genuine support of our candidates (Community) From there we have now built a business in which its foundations are built on Positivity, Achievement and living your best life – What ever that may mean to you.

From extensive content based around living your best life through to the best Jobs and careers in the market right through to Partnerships we have created with the UK (Global) partners to provide you with products and services in which we believe is the only place you can go for all these things and receive actual cash back on the money you spend.

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