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Podcast of the Week!

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In this podcast, Lynn Erasmus speaks with candour about the impact of her mother’s suicide and how our early experiences can lead us to tell ourselves “lies” that can, unless we address them, shape the whole of our lives. From moving continents, to overcoming addiction, through to self-acceptance - Lynn’s is a journey with a positive ending.

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Wanting to improve your positive thinking?

The Samaritans charity have created a Positive Thinking session plan that you can complete for FREE! The session teaches people how to reframe a thought to improve our moods in certain situations.

Book of the Week!

This week Carolyn has reviewed one of her favorite books! Ten Percent Happier by Dan Harris. Daniel B. Harris is a journalist for ABC News, an anchor for Nightline and co-anchor for the weekend edition of Good Morning America.

Ten Percent Happier is not only a book but is also a App! Dan Harris created this to help you improve your meditation and manage your stress. The app also provides practical teachings you can carry anywhere. 

Find out more and sign up today by visiting

If you want to give this book a read follow the button below! Definitely worth a read.

I am video chatting again! Each 'Just Chatting' episode is a simple unedited chat with Cliff and a guest.

The main focus on every video is all about real stories of real people achieving in the real world! - Cliff Sewell CFO of 15ten15 Group

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