The 15ten15 Team! 


Cliff Sewell

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Carolyn Hobdey.jpg

Carolyn Hobdey

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My life outside work is as varied as inside. I box and weight train, enjoy Latin & Ballroom dancing, sing in a choir and am a car enthusiast. Life is never dull!


Kristy Sewell

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Anyone and everyone that knows me know that i really, really dislike running! But due to the current COVID-19 situation, to get out of my head i started jogging! It was a start and step by step it got a little easier, i can now run 8k without stopping! 


Emma Edwards 

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After being a huge fan of anime for so many years, I decided to start teaching myself Japanese.

It’s been a few years of on and off studying but maybe one day I’ll be able to watch an episode of anime without subtitles!


Stephen Daniels 

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As well as producing music in his spare time, Stephen has a Grade 8 in Trumpet and 6 in Piano and once played with his school concert band at the Belfast Waterfront Hall!


Cameron Sewell

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In 2018 i did my first ever paraglide of Babadag Mountain in Turkey! One of the highest commercial take-off sites in world at 1960m and it definitely felt like it! Cried my eyes out getting up there but 100% do it again and recommend it to anyone!