About 15ten15 

At 15ten15, we’re dedicated to personal development, both at work and at home. We are a UK based organisation helping people to find the perfect job. We also offer support for finding the motivation and inspiration which you need to achieve the personal goals that are important to you away from work.

If you’re starting a job search, or interested in how to find that next step in your career, then great! We’re here to  help with a bunch of amazing opportunities. 

If you’re wondering how you start your journey for health, fitness, well being, travel or any other passion of yours, we’re also equipped to help you here! Through visiting our LIFE page and following us on social media, you will be able to view our; hints, tips and advice on how to fit those goals around your work-life. 

The 15ten15 Team! 


Cliff Sewell

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Cameron Sewell

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In 2018 i did my first ever paraglide of Babadag Mountain in Turkey! One of the highest commercial take-off sites in world at 1960m and it definitely felt like it! Cried my eyes out getting up there but 100% do it again and recommend it to anyone!


Kristy Sewell

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Anyone and everyone that knows me know that i really, really dislike running! But due to the current COVID-19 situation, to get out of my head i started jogging! It was a start and step by step it got a little easier, i can now run 8k without stopping! 


Emma Edwards 

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After being a huge fan of anime for so many years, I decided to start teaching myself Japanese.

It’s been a few years of on and off studying but maybe one day I’ll be able to watch an episode of anime without subtitles!


Stephen Daniels 

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As well as producing music in his spare time, Stephen has a Grade 8 in Trumpet and 6 in Piano and once played with his school concert band at the Belfast Waterfront Hall!